About Kurt

Kurt Zimmerman personal summary-

  • Born before time, married to Michelle, with 12 children (5 step) and 15 grandchildren


Work history:

  • Worked for Gill-Roy’s Hardware part-time in high school for Gilbert Morgan, when company had only one store.
  • Started at Gill-Roy’s full time in June of 1974, working for Bob Morgan
  • Has been with Gill-Roy’s since
  • Gill-Roy’s has grown from one to 24 stores during those 40 years under Bob and Kurt’s direction
  • Job titles have included: sales associate, department manager, store manager, regional supervisor, Director of Operations, Vice President
  • Responsibilities have included: All aspects of hardware store management- including hiring and purchasing; Human Resources Manager; managed all aspects of new store layout and design; managed new store setup and opening (all phases); interviewed, hired or released existing employees on all new store acquisitions; hosted a one hour, local call in radio program as “The House Doctor”; authored the majority of our current policy and procedure manual; managed all aspects of networking our 24 store locations; in charge of new software deployment and training; purchasing, deploying and maintaining all POS and computer equipment. (currently 97 workstations, including 55 POS stations)



  • Authored over 90 children’s and science fiction books, sold on Amazon as e-books for Kindle or paperback- our book website is- supergiggles.com
  • Enjoys architectural drafting. Kurt drafted the construction blueprints for two of Gill-Roy’s shopping plazas, including Gill-Roy’s corporate offices and the construction blueprints for both of Bob Morgan’s houses and others.
  • Kurt has restored several vintage Pontiac cars
  • Does woodworking, construction and trim carpentry
  • Builds models and movie props (including R2D2, C1-10P, BB-8 from Star Wars)
  • Uses R2D2 and other droids to inspire kids via school visits, brings smiles to hospital bound children and to raise money for charity. Our droid Facebook page is ‘Kurt’sR2D2’

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